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HitsShopping.com follows the worlds leading traffic sources and keeps you up to date of the best quality and fastest flowing traffic. Feeder Traffic promotes all leading traffic sources around the world and keeps you informed of the latest sources. Hits Shopping will remain focused on all aspects of traffic trading. Traffic is an important part of your web growth and although traffic can be built it can be bought. There are many benefits to buying traffic as you don't wait for the visitor. The visitor can also be a targeted to the keywords or by demographics. What is overlooked another advantage of buying traffic allows your brand to be seen if your name is not generic making if it is memorable this is the test. When buying traffic with the right amount of content and back link building, search engine optimization and submission is your whole pr ranking can be lifted faster making your site more visible ranking higher in the search engines so your gaining your own targeted search traffic as well.

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Description HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange, also known as an autohits service We help you increase your website hits, rankings alexa, google and more.Our affiliate program gives cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%.


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Buying traffic and just sending it to your website will not necessarily ensure success to your website.  Research and tracking needs to be done to maximize your profits.  The first thing that needs to be done is to determine your product.  Both Pop Under traffic and expired domain traffic can be effective tools so choosing either one can work for you.  You need to determine what your product is and look at the categories of traffic and see which one it best falls into.  You can use un-targeted traffic but that won't get you anywhere near the results targeted traffic will.  Then you need to determine is your product is strictly for US based viewers or if other countries can benefit from your product.  While it may seem like a waste of time, the more you narrow down your traffic, the better your results.
Next you need to look at your website.  When a viewer goes to your website, they need to be impressed or see a need to stay within 15 seconds or else they will leave.  A viewer is very impatient.  However, when buying traffic, these are not sites they directly expected to see, therefore their attention span is even less, maybe 5 or 10 seconds at most.  That means, you need to not have a cluttered website.  You need to state perfectly clear what you are providing and not give the viewer too many confusing options.  The best results we have seen come from one page specific ads on your website, with only one or two smaller ads or banners on it.  While sending the viewer to your main site that has more options on it will not mean it will fail, it just might not receive as high a profit as with a specific product on it that the viewer can quickly and easily see.
The last step and what I feel the most important step is keeping track of statistics.  You need to keep track of everything, every time you buy traffic.  You need to know what category you used, how your website looked, how many banners you had on it, how long your ad on your website was and basically everything.  If you buy 10,000 hits, keep track of how many times a viewer clicked on a certain banner.  See which ones work better than others.  See how long your viewers stayed.  This can usually be done in most hosting control panels.  Keep track of how many sales you got or how much affiliate revenue you earned.  This is the best way to maximize your profits.  Sometimes you might not make a lot of click thrus or profit the first time you buy traffic.  Study what you did and try a different category or set up your website a little differently. Then buy more traffic and compare which way went better.  Learning from failure is the best way to succeed.




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